• The Lake Michigan

    The Lake Michigan - A Modern, Rectangular Layout Welcome to the Lake Michigan fiberglass swimming pool! This fabulous layout is inspired by our team of fiberglass artisans - who love creating fun ...

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    The Lake Michigan
  • The Royale Spa

    The Royale Spa is a stunning fiberglass spa designed to soothe and relax the soul. Perfectly paired with outdoor landscaping, this spa blends right into any outdoor oasis! The Royale Spa : A Kidney ...

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    The Royale Spa
  • The Orlando

    The Orlando is better known as our "physical therapy" pool because of some key elements. For starters, this swimming pool includes a flat bottom design with a maximum depth of only 4' 2". Secondly, ...

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    The Orlando
  • The Hawaiian

    The Hawaiian is a fun twist on a standard Grecian pool shape. We open up this swimming pool to a wide set of shallow entry steps. These steps lead to a playful 6' 1" deep end and a dual set of ledge ...

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    The Hawaiian
  • The Pacific

    Welcome to the Pacific, a fiberglass swimming pool designed to be large and deep. Similar to the Pacific Ocean in our pursuit of a large body of water, we've designed this pool to be big for all of ...

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    The Pacific
  • The Niagara

    The Niagara is a rectangular fiberglass swimming pool, very similar to the Luxor Deep End pool. We've slightly altered this shape so that it provides a modest 33' length paired with a 7' 9"deep end. ...

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    The Niagara

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